Vimana Yoga

Mindful Practice for the Modern Yogi

Vimana Yoga is the life's work of Bel and Emily Carpenter.  They opened the first yoga schools in Aspen, Basalt, and Glenwood Spring Colorado, and have instructed thousands of yoga teachers, and students from around the world.  They have been practicing, and teaching yoga, hot yoga, and meditation since 1996.  Their passion for teaching stems from the passion for the practice.  They have embraced their craft wholeheartedly, and have made the study of yoga and meditation part of their daily lives.  Vimana Yoga combines traditional yoga techniques including pranayama, and meditation with modern asana based classes to create five unique styles of yoga designed for all levels.  


Vimana Yoga®

Vimana Yoga is a foundational, therapeutic class for all levels that includes traditional Hatha Yoga, Core, Flow, and dynamic movement with breath.  Vimana Yoga combines several styles of yoga including Bikram, Forrest, Para, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa Yoga, and prepares you for all styles of practice.


Vimana Fusion

Vimana Fusion is an intermediate class for all levels.  We designed this practice to bring out the best parts of a therapeutic class while still challenging us to be prepared for everything life brings us.  This expansive practice combines elements of traditional Hatha, Forrest, Para, Ghosh, and Vinyasa Yoga.  Vimana Fusion teaches you how your favorite posture can flow, bringing greater depth and stability, by exploring longer sequences, pranayama, and medititation techniques that will give you the clarity to set an intention and realize your dreams


Vimana flow

Vimana Flow is a fun, alignment based flow class designed for all levels. This class combines Vimana, Vinyasa, Para, and Forrest yoga, to cultivate an unsurpassed experience. You will feel strong, supple, balanced, enlivened, and nurtured.



Vimana Hot Stretch® is a restorative, gentle flow practice, that has a strong moon quality. You will see this in the pacing, and more forward bends, asymmetry, attention to alignment, longer holds, and awareness of breath. This practice will bring in a steadiness that helps you to tap into your subconscious, allowing you to release stress, and deep held patterning by resetting your Parasympathetic nervous system. We focus on stretching hips, shoulders, neck and arms with minimal use of the arms.  The elements included in this practice are light chanting, Dynamic Movement with Breath, short meditations, long hold (Yin) postures, and Savasana.


Vimana Hot Yin is both a gentle, and challenging yoga practice.  After a gentle pranayama, passive poses are held for 3-5 minutes in order to access the connective tissues,  tendions, facia, and ligaments at a deeper level.  This not only improves flexibility, but the flow of prana.  A more meditative approach to yoga, Yin aims to cultivate awareness of one’s inner silence, quieting the mind, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality.


Local, New Student Special:  FIRST MONTH $79 for unlimited yoga. Available for Local, New Students on the 1st class only (or if you have not been in over two years)

·      Drop In: $20

·      Student: 19 – 25: $14, 18 and under: $10 (with valid ID)

·      Five Class Pass: $90 (valid for 180 days)

·      Ten Class Pass: $160 (valid for 180 days)

·      Twenty Five Class Pass: $390 (valid for 180 days)

·      One Week Unlimited: $49 (7 days)

·      One Month Unlimited: $150 (30 days of unlimited yoga in Basalt and Carbondale)

·       Three Month Unlimited: $350  (90 days of unlimited yoga in Basalt and Carbondale)


·      Yearly Unlimited: $995:

·      Annual Monthly Membership: $108/month ( w/ automatic recurring payment & 15 days written notice )

·      Couple Monthly Membership:  $178/ month

·      Privates and Massage Therapy (20% discount for members)

·      Private Lessons: $100/hr

·      Massages: $100/hr

We have lots of Yoga Clothing at both locations!
Yoga Mats $42 – $114
Vimana Yoga Towels $29
Manduka Hot Equa Towel $60
Yoga Towel Rental: $2
Mat Rental: $1


Policy:  All Passes and Membership are valid at Vimana Yoga in Basalt and Carbondale.  We do not offer refunds, but exchanges may be made at Directors discretion.  $20 late fee will be applied for each returned check.




What is Vimana Yoga?

Vimana Yoga combines traditional yoga postures, and sequencing with pranayama, meditation, and fun music in some classes).  Classes are designed for all ages and levels of ability.  We practice in a room heated between 95 and 105 degrees, to increase circulation and warm your muscles.  The heat allows for a much deeper workout, which amplifies the natural healing process of the body in many ways:  It improves flexibility, allowing you to effectively stretch your muscles; it increases circulation creating amazing cardiovascular benefits; it increases your strength and flexibility, which helps speed recovery and prevent injury, while clearing your mind, and freeing you from tension, stress, and worries.  The deep sweating also regenerates your skin, and purifies, and cleanses the entire body by flushing toxins at the cellular level.

I’m not flexible. I can barely touch my toes! Will I be able to do all of the postures?

This is the most common misconception about yoga, one that prevents many people from ever starting.  Yoga is not about how flexible you are, it is about balance so if you are less flexible we will show you how to safely improve your flexibility.  If you are more mobile we will show you how to stabilize so you get stronger and improve. The most important thing is that you try; yoga is unlike any other exercise, as it is not based on your depth but rather your intention and form.  If you try the right way regardless of how far you go you will still get the benefit. 

Why the heated room?

Heat is used in order to allow you to safely go deeper into the yoga postures.  The heat helps to accelerate many of the benefits of your yoga practice.  As we get into poses more deeply and effectively, the benefits of the postures will come faster.  The heat also promotes circulation and detoxification through perspiration, so you will feel less sore and more energized.  Also, your skin is the largest eliminative organ in your body.  Yoga is not just about working muscles; you are massaging deep tissues, glands and organs as well.  As you work deep within your body, sweating helps flush toxins, giving you a wonderful glow from head to toe.  Practicing in the heat will actually keep your body from overheating (contrary to popular misconception).

What should I wear to class?

Women should wear yoga pants, or shorts, and a sports bra/tank top.  Men should wear yoga shorts or bathing suit trunks with a supportive liner.  Since the room is heated, you want to wear something that you feel comfortable sweating in.  Less clothing the better, so your body can cool itself efficiently. Anything with a little spandex in it can help allow for a full range of movement.  Avoid sweats, or loose/over sized T-shirts.

How should I prepare for class?

Prepare like you would for any other physical activity.  Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to get your body fully hydrated (46-64 ounces over your normal intake). It’s best if you don’t eat for at least 2 hours prior to class time.  Choose a class time that works for you and arrive at least 10 minutes before the class starts (or 20 minutes if it’s your first time at the studio).  Bring a water bottle for class or buy one at the studio. Bring a yoga mat and yoga towel or large beach towel, or you can rent them us.



Sharon After a successful run as a professional dancer in both ballet and theatre, Sharon found her next path and another way to express her love and joy of movement when she stepped in to an Ashtanga Yoga class back in 2000. Thirsty to learn more, Sharon soon received her teacher certification from the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, California and then began to further her training and studies in Ashtanga in Atlanta, Georgia, where she lived and taught this amazing lineage. In 2005, she moved to Telluride, Colorado where Sharon began teaching both Vinyasa and Ashtanga styles at Telluride Yoga Center (TYC) and later became a co-owner and studio manager from 2008 – 2011. While at TYC, Sharon found her mentor and spiritual guide, Victoria Laws E-RYT, teaching the Ashtanga practice as taught in the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Through the years, Sharon has continued her passion to learn more by training and or studying under such notable teachers as Richard Freeman, David Swenson, Tim Miller, Annie Pace, Beryl Bender Birch and Brandon Cox. Through the inspiration from her previous training, teachers and experiences, and her passion to inspire others through movement and music, Sharon’s Vinyasa classes are a moving meditation with intelligent sequencing that are creative, fluid and fun!

Natashia is native to the Colorado Mountains.  Her first exposure to yoga was with Lillias Folan. After teaching fitness for ten years, Natashia became hooked on Bel and Emily’s hot 26 postures in Aspen.  Her first yoga training in 2002 was through the Yoga College of India and next received a Yoga Alliance certification for Vinyasa through Shiva Rea in 2004 and more recently with Rod Stryker in 2013. Natashia continues to study with Yoga pioneers too numerous to list while completing a degree in psychosocial biology.  As an athlete, martial artist, mom, and daily Yogic practitioner, she instructs at Vimana Yoga with enthusiasm for students from all traditions and all levels.

KRISTINA grew up in the Green Mountains of Vermont; Kristina quickly developed a deep love of the outdoors. Following the pull of the fresh alpine air, she settled in the Roaring Fork Valley in the spring of 2001, and has been enjoying snowy and sunny adventures ever since. A regular yoga practitioner since 2002, Kristina more recently found new levels of stamina and ease when she added a daily yoga practice to her previously ingrained regiment of movement-based pursuits: Skiing, elementary school teaching, running, and climbing. A lifelong learner, Kristina became a 200 RYT through Vimana Yoga in 2016. She delights in the opportunities offered by her classes to share movement, breath, space, and smiles with her community.


BAILEY was born and raised in southern Ohio, and always had a strong interest for staying active.  She showed feeder calves at her local fair, helped out on the family farm and attempted all sports available.  Not only was she active through exercise but also in education.  Graduating High School with an honors diploma, Bailey decided to attend Colorado Mountain College Fall of 2014.  While attending CMC she was president/vice president of Sustainability club and president of Yoga club.  She graduated from CMC in May of 2016 with an Associate of Arts, 104 hour Permaculture Design Certificate through Aspen TREE, and a few bachelor classes regarding the Sustainability program under her belt.  Throughout life, she found a consistent love for running.  This first helped her discover an interest for stretching but the curiosity for yoga came during her final years of high school.  Having played sports competitively for so long, she began to drift away from the feeling of having to compete to play.   She found yoga allowed her to still be in her body and active but without the question of being good enough.   She completed her 200-hour RYT with Bel and Emily Carpenter this past June of 2016, and continues sharing her passion for the practice, and beauty of yoga in a way that honors all of her teachers throughout life!  Harnessing sustainable alignment with dynamic movement with breath, she believes anything is possible when we step on the mat! 




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